Monday, December 29, 2008

Baird's tapir skull photo courtesy of Nancy R. Koerner

Photo of Baird's tapir skull courtesy of
and copyright by Nancy R. Koerner

This photo of an adolescent Baird's tapir skull was loaned to us by Nancy R. Koerner for use on the Tapir Gallery Web site. Tapir skulls are always interesting. Note that this one may look very different from some Baird's tapir skulls because the bony nasal septum has disappeared, and only the hard bone is left. When looking at photos of the skulls of Baird's tapir, it would be easy to think there were two completely different animals. Here you can compare the skull above with one mounted in the Smithsonian which still has the septum intact. See a larger image of the skull and read about how Nancy acquired it on the skull's page in The Tapir Gallery. It can also be viewed in our Picasa Web Album of Baird's tapir natural history photos.

Nancy is the author if Belize Survivor: Darker Side of Paradise. It is a fascinating book with an important message for our times.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Sarah Cooper with lowland tapir at Cotswold Wildlife Park, 2008 Photos contributed by Sarah Cooper (skoop102)
First posted on the Tapirs Google group
December 11, 2008

Lowland tapir at Cotswold Wildlife Park, 2008, by Sarah Cooper
Lowland tapir at Cotswold Wildlife Park, 2008, by Sarah Cooper
Lowland tapir at Cotswold Wildlife Park, 2008, by Sarah CooperSarah wrote:


I thought I would share some photos taken on a recent visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park, at Burford, England (

Pictured are the 2 Brazilian tapirs who live at the park, Timmy the male, and Squidge the female.

Also included is a picture of me, stroking Timmy. At the park, the tapirs are very friendly and you are able to stroke them, unsupervised, over the fence.

They share their enclosure with a family of capybara.

Squidge and Timmy and had a baby born this year, but he sadly died. Their previous baby, Belita, has now left the park, and I believe she has moved to a collection in Belgium.

From Sarah.

Please e-mail your photos and text if you would like to see them on the blog.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Baby tapir coming in England

Hi Everyone,

Now is the time to tune in to the Tapir Cam at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm near Bristol, England. The female tapir, Tara, is expecting a calf literally any day - maybe today or tomorrow! I've given a longer explanation of how and when to watch on the Tapirs Google Group:

and here is the link to the Tapir Cam:

The photo above is Stanley K. Tapir's baby, Melon, born years ago at the Houston Zoo. I'm using it as an example of how adorable baby tapirs are! By the way, baby tapirs are called "calves" even though the parents are not called bulls and cows.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mountain tapir skull photos in our web album

In the 1960s or around 1970, I acquired this mountain tapir skull from Ecuador. You can see additonal photos and angles, and learn where it came from and why it has green and orange paint in it. You can find the photos in our Mountain Tapir Natural History Web Album. As I go through photos and info from my tapir files, I'll be making a lot more tapir material available for public use.

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