Friday, February 04, 2005

Feb 4, 2005: Tapirs in the Art of Belize

A Belizean Artist with Slate Carving Photos by Sheryl Todd

Thanks to Sharon Matola's persistent work on PR and education, tapirs now apppear regularly in Belizean art for souvenirs. Now everyone in Belize knows what a tapir is, and the people of Belize are proud of their national animal! This is quite an achievement, and tapirs are not necessarily recognized by most of the people in countries where they are found, and tapirs rarely appear in the art of any country.

Slate Carvings in Belize We found these carvings in a tiny shop along the main east-west highway in Belize. The young man in the top photo carved and signed the slate he is proud to show.

A Baird's Tapir Carved on Slate, Belize
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Catherine Todd said...

These are BEAUTIFUL TAPIR CARVINGS! I never even knew this skill existed... carving on slate. Now I have to get to Belize! I've been dying to go for so long and scuba dive or snorkel and now for the tapirs too... Wow!

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