Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Brand new stuffed tapir on the way!

This newly designed, completely charming stuffed tapir is coming soon to Tapir and Friends Wildlife World Gift Shop online. Check it out and pre-order for shipment in August 2008. Our initial stock will be limited, as these quality stuffed animals are made my hand and imported in small numbers. We think that he/she is gorgeous! We hope you do, too.


Chris said...

There are lots of different animal bloggers at www.bestplushlife.com - but no tapirs yet. Hope you join in the conversation there.

Earnpin said...

Nice loverly Blog, very informative. I am wondering if there is any conservation park of Malay Tapir in Malaysia?

tapirgal said...

One of the best places to learn about Malay Tapir conservation is on the Tapir Specialist Group Web site. There are some documents you can download. Note that the most recent workshop was held in a park where the tapirs still live.


I've heard that Tamen Negara Zoo has wonderful night visiting opportunities when the tapirs may be active. You can contact the folks at the Specialist Group Web site via the link above to learn more about parks where you might actually see tapirs.


Ridzuan Repin said...

The Malay Tapir Conservation Centre is located in Sungai Dusun, Selangor, Malaysia. It currently has half of the captive tapir population. And yes, in Zoo Negara you can see Malay Tapirs up close. Taman Negara is our National Park where researchers go to study the Malay Tapir in the wild.

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