Thursday, October 09, 2008

Club Tapir for September and October and a bit about albino tapirs

Above: A Baird's tapir is taking a mud bath in Nuevo Becal, Campeche, Mexico. You can read more about Georgina O'Farrill's tapir project here. The white spot on the head appears to me to be similar to some other Baird's tapirs from Mexico that apparently had genetically-transmitted partial albinism. See photos here, here, and here (note the nose of this baby in the second photo!).

Dear Tapir Fans and Friends,

Thank you, thank you for your support of Club Tapir in September! I know it's much more difficult in this economy, and the projects are that much more in need of funding, and that much more appreciative of the funding that comes in.

OUR WINNER FOR SEPTEMBER is Georgina O'Farrill of Mexico. You supported her work for $250.00 in September. Thank you!

VOTING FOR OCTOBER'S PROJECTS is now online and ready to go:

I'm going to be away for a couple of weeks, but Sue is here to take your votes and answer any questions at the e-mail link on the Tapir Gallery as usual.

When I get back, we have two main thrusts for fundraising besides Club Tapir. As the Christmas season is coming soon, our gift shop will keep us busy and most of our available time and effort will be directed there. The gift shop is our main source for funding tapir work, and this is the time of year we need to maximize what it can do for us.

In addition, I will be looking at putting more material online for our supported tapir projects, including blogs, etc. We all need to get creative in today's economy, and we'll be working with the project Principals to do just that!

Thanks for your ideas and support.

All the best,


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