Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More tapirs in the snow

I still don't know if you have to be a member of Facebook to see the photos (I expect so, maybe someone will tell me), but Laura Robbins has another fun album posted with some super nice pix of tapirs in the snow (snow album part 2) and the incredible Dudley Castle also in the snow. There are also meerkats, reindeer, a red panda and more. Have fun :) If you're not a Facebook member, it might be worth it to join.


skoop102 said...

Hi Sheryl. Thanks for the link to Laura's photos - they are lovely.
I loved the ones of the tapirs, but also loved the red pandas in the snow!
From Sarah.
ps. I did have to log into facebook to see the photos.

tapirgal said...

Thanks for your comment, Sarah. Now we know about the Facebook thing. Laura's been posting some nice pictures. I like what I do, but wouldn't it be cool to be that close to animals all day?

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