Monday, June 01, 2009

Excellent tapir airticle in the NY Times

Malayan Tapir Research in Asia Read about the tapir conservation work of Carl Traeholt in the New York Times article, "New Research on Malaysia’s Odd, Elusive Tapir." It reports on current work in the field of tapir conservation in Southeast Asia and gives up-to-date population estimates for the species. This photo of a tapir caught by the camera trap is from the Times article. My thanks to Jordan Shenhar for bringing the piece to my attention.

Not only is this an excellent article, but it's good news for the tapirs to be featured in such a prominent publication!



Gerardo said...

Nice work with the poor tapirs. I have never seen a tapir in my life, even living in Costa Rica. I must go to Corcovado to see one. Thanks for helping tapirs.

Glennis said...

I have also never seen a Tapir they are strange creatures aren't they with their elephant like nose and big heavy body and short legs. its nice you are helping to save these strange beasts from extinction.

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