Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Photos from France to Help Raise Awareness for World Tapir Day, 2010

Asian Tapirs, Le Mans, France Photos by MJP
(Mr and Msse POTEAUX ~ e Mans, FRANCE)
CERZA Zoo Park in Hermival-les-Vaux, Calvados, Normandy

Three wonderful tapir photos arrived by e-mail today with the message that we could use them on the site to help publicize World Tapir Day, 2010.

Asian Tapir, Le Mans, France Please enjoy the photos and follow the link to learn more about World Tapir Day and take part in the activities and fundraising! And, many thanks to you in Le Mans. . . .

Lowland Tapir, Le Mans, FranceThe Poteaux family sponsors these lovely tapirs and visits them often.

Merci infiniment des belles photos!

Please e-mail your photos and text if you would like to see them on this blog.

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1 comment:

Catherine Todd said...

I REALLY like these photos of the beautiful gray and black tapirs, heading into the water. I had no idea! *Almost* as good as being there...

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