Friday, April 28, 2006

New tapirs at Mountain View

A Malayan (or Asian) tapir baby follows its parent at the Mountain View Conservation Breeding Centre in BC, Canada, near Langley. Here the tapirs have unusually large enclosures. Mountain view has two pair of Asian tapirs and has recently aquired a male mountain tapir to pair with their female. Word has it that the two get along famously. This makes only three pair of mountain tapirs in captivity anywhere.

Mountain View has two pair of Asian tapirs. All of their tapirs live in extremely generous enclosures (almost the wrong word, since you cannot - or can barely - see one side from the other). One enclosure for the Asian tapirs has steep ravine and a heavily-wooded landscape where the tapirs gallop surprisingly fast and show their abilities as climbers. Each pair enjoys a small lake. One of the features here is that both parents are left together to raise the infants. This process has been successful at Mountain View and has made for some interesting observations and viewing.

Both of the above photos are from the Mountain View Web site. The calf was born sometime during this past winter, so please follow the link above, phone ahead and ask about the baby if you're expecting to see stripes and spots. They may be faded by this time as the calf has been growing.

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