Saturday, April 08, 2006

What's new?

This is Sheryl, originator of the Tapir Gallery Web site and President of the Tapir Preservation Fund. Years ago I tried making a "What's New" page on this site, and it was way too hard to keep it up to date and then archive all of the new (now old, but full of good links) stuff. I'm hoping the blog format will help.

Yesterday while messing with the new blog in the tapir gift shop, I clicked on the Google News link and up came April the Tapir's birthday party from the day before, which I thought was so cool. Sharon Matola had just e-mailed me that they were going to have another all-out birthday party for April. This news story was just what I was looking for, and I wanted a link to tell you about it quickly. Let's see if this does the trick.

Feel free to leave replies. Bookmark the site, and let's have fun with the blog.



AndySocial said...

Hi Tapirgal! Welcome to the blogosphere... nice to see you here. Just wondering if there's any news on the eBay event. Maybe other tapir fans will want to know more about it.

tapirgal said...

Hey, that was fast, and this is fun! I haven't even made the link from The Tapir Gallery yet. The plaque from Panama is still up on the eBay auction with one bid. The best link is the eBay store link because it won't go out of date as quickly. Now to make a nice picture link from the web site to this blog and then set up my personal blog . . . oh yeah, and I'm going to try to put a picture of some tapirs in the headers. I don't know if I can do that, but I'm going to try :)

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