Friday, February 15, 2008

A tapir tongue at Dudley Zoo, UK

Lowland tapir at Dudley Zoo
Tapir photo copyright Laura Robbins 2008

It's not just a tongue, but much of the tapir, too, of course. I have a weakness for tapir tongues, and I always have. Send me a pic of a tapir and its tongue and I'll probably post it before you can say, "No! Stop!" Anyway, this one is from Laura Robbins, a keeper (her charges include some lowland tapirs) at Dudley Zoo in the UK. Laura did not say "No, stop," when I wanted to put the photo online - fortunately, she said "yes." She also noted, "She's a little monster but she's so sweet, she's feeling a little sorry for herself now 'cause she has a few cuts on the face! Poor girl shes ok though." Laura is continuing coursework for her zoo career. Laura, thank you!

Here's another tapir tongue that took my fancy. Years ago, I took the photo and then painted from it.

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