Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What's New in The Tapir Gallery?

Tapir Bibliograpy
Reorganization of the bibliography section. Downloads available in English and German for Martin Stummer's 1971 article, "Wolltapire, Tapirus pinchaque (Roulin), in Ecuador."

TPF Blog
I've been making a lot of blog posts lately, so please take a look at this blog, from the top (newest posts).

What's New in the Tapir Gallery?
Not to confuse anyone with the note above (about new posts on the blog), I've also started using this blog to post what's new and updated on The Tapir Gallery web site. You can always click on the "new" label in the Labels list to the right (scroll down), and the "What's New?" posts will be collected for you. Or, you can use the link at the top right to see the "What's New?" posts. Try it! You can always return to the top of the blog with the "Show All" link above, the "Home" link below, or the link at the top right that says "THIS BLOG, FROM THE TOP." I mention all of these because I get focused on posting and it took me awhile to find some of them. Very cool! Navigation made easy for the web (in this case blog) person . . . me.

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