Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Check out two new tapir blogs!

Sergio Sandoval Arenas
with a young mountain tapir,

Two tapir researchers and conservationists who we've worked with over the past few years now have their own blogs! In the case of Sergio Sandoval, above, the blog is a personal presentation, where we'll be able to learn more about him, his work, and his country, Colombia. We are working on a new donation page for Sergio's tapir work. He has contributed many of the items in our online gift shop through his own artistic talents and by purchasing products for us that are made in Colombia.
Georgina O'Farrill,
Baird's Tapir Project,
Georgina's blog is about her tapir project in Mexico. Both Sergio and Georgina have been recipients of our Club Tapir donations (your contributions!), and we continue to support both projects when your donations allow us to do so. We'd like you to learn more about these projects and the people who dedicate their time to them. We look forward to watching both of these blogs grow! You can donate to Georgina's work via our online donation page (scroll down to the Baird's tapir projects). This page is new and growing!

If you have a tapir project with a web site or blog, please contact me so I can link to it as we continue to develop the connectivity that helps fund projects and helps all of us learn more about the projects and the scientists who run them. If you have a project that you think we should include on our donation page, please contact me.
The photos on this page are copyrighted by
Sergio Sandoval Arenas and Georgina O'Farrill.

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