Thursday, July 15, 2010

Call for Proposals ~ July-August 2010

Call for Proposals, July-August 2010
$1,000.00 will be awarded in September 2010

We want to thank the family of the late Heidi Frohring for their generous donation of $1,000.00 from the W.O. and G.L. Frohring Foundation to the Tapir Preservation Fund (TPF). This donation has allowed TPF's perpetual Heidi Frohring Memorial Fund to enact the current call for proposals, which will result in the award of $1,000.00 to a tapir conservation project selected by TPF in September. We expect the successful outcome of this call for proposals to become a model for future fundraising and grants by TPF, and we look forward to receiving your proposals.


. Proposals will be accepted by e-mail to through July and August 2010, and must be submitted in English. The final date for submission is August 31. You may also submit any questions to this e-mail address.

. A $1,000.00 award will be granted to one selected project in September 2010.

. TPF will be allowed to use your photos and agreed-upon materials for promotion of your work and of TPF. You retain copyright to all of your materials and photos. TPF will help support your project in various ways via the Internet. Reciprocal links will be exchanged if you have a web site, blog or Facebook Page about your work.

. The Tapir Preservation Fund and the Heidi Frohring Memorial Fund will be acknowledged in any publications and materials resulting from this grant.

. A progress report with photos will be submitted within a "reasonable" period after receiving the award (report date to be determined depending on the project). The sooner TPF receives photos and progress reports, the sooner we can help promote your project.

. A final report with photos will be submitted within a "reasonable" time of completing the project (report date to be determined depending on the project).


1. Must be an active tapir/habitat conservation project that may have a large education component.

2. Must be
a) Ongoing and currently running, or
b) Funding needs can be completed with $1,000.00 from this grant, or
c) Your entire project can be completed with $1,000.00 from this grant, or
d) $1,000.00 from this grant will allow you to implement a segment of the project that will produce tangible results.

3. Please mention any need for permits when submitting the proposal, and note whether these permits have already been secured.


1. Focus on tapirs or tapir habitat with priority given to projects encompassing conservation of additional animal and plant species and their mutual habitat

2. Sustainability

3. Ability to replicate project or results

4. Supports indigenous and/or local people in conservation efforts

5. Demonstration of coordination with other organizations and projects to reduce duplication of efforts.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and having the opportunity to help make your conservation ideas and goals a reality. Submissions may be made by e-mail.

Sheryl Todd
Tapir Preservation Fund
PO Box 118
Astoria, Oregon 97103 USA
(503) 338-8646

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