Thursday, July 08, 2010

Corinna's Cat Toys Help Raise Funds for Tapir Conservation

Malayan Tapir Cat Toy
This Malayan tapir is one of Corinna Bechko's famous cat toys. She makes the most imaginative things for cats to play with! You can find this tapir and many astonishing pieces of functional art for cats (a "cat's guide to fossils"? Amazing!) and for humans (jewelry, boxes, etc., etc.) in Corinna's Etsy shop, The Frog Bag. You can also find The Frog Bag on Facebook and by going to The Frog Bag's blog.

Yesterday Corinna and The Frog Bag donated $50.00 to the Tapir Preservation Fund. This donation came from sales in the Etsy shop, and brought The Frog Bag's donations to a total of $550.00!

Corinna has had a long-standing interest in tapirs and has been a supporter of tapir conservation long before The Frog Bag came into existence. She also contributes to tapir conservation by letting us sell her wonderful animal jewelry in Tapir and Friends Animal Store online. Here you can find tapirs and other critters, too.

Thanks, Corinna! And thanks to those who purchase and enjoy your wonderful creations!

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1 comment:

TheFrogBag said...

So happy I can help the tapirs! And thanks for the shop promo... the tapir cat toy sold today, but I've already put another in my etsy shop!

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