Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Counting Noses!

Near, where the Tapajos River pours into the Amazon in Central Brazil, there is the tourist town of Alter do Chao that has reputely the most beautiful beach in all of Brazil. In a special shop which sells exclusively native craft, I found this wooden lowland tapir replica which I felt would be treasured by Sheryl, the owner of Tapir and Friends Animal Store. There were no small wooden tapir replicas to send back for Tapir and Friends Animal Store, but Sheryl has just received a shipment of beautifully-detailed plastic tapir replicas and sells a variety of other tapir products. It is difficult to find tapir items to sell other than the Asian tapir replicas , but the store has some lovely t-shirts and knitted tapirs which depict the South American and Central American species.

written by Lee

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