Thursday, September 09, 2010

TPF Awards $1,000.00 Grant to Emilio Constantino's Conservation Project in the Colombian Orinoco

Photo copyright Emilio Constantino

The Tapir Preservation Fund (TPF) is pleased to announce the winning project for our July-August 2010 call for proposals. The project, "Saving the Orinoco Tapirs in Eastern Colombia," is part of a larger initiative, "Saving Wildlife in the Colombian Orinoco," targeted to protect habitat and numerous threatened wildlife species in the region designated by the project through education, assessment, and the management of private reserves. TPF's "Heidi Frohring Memorial Fund" award of $1,000.00 will help Emilio work toward these goals.

Please read more about this award and the project on the new blog TPF is helping to maintain as part of our contribution to Emilio's work in the Orinoco of Colombia's eastern plains.

Our special thanks to the W.O. and G.L. Frohring Foundation for making this award possible.

Please e-mail your photos and text if you would like to see them on this blog.

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1 comment:

tapirgal said...

Emilio sent this response by e-mail:

Dear Sheryl:

It is a great honor to receive such a supportive grant...Thanks a lots to Hedi´s Memorial the TPF...always a helping hand Heidi´s father and all of You tapir people...The results are being great for wildlife...including tapirs, and many more....Very Grateful....Emilio Constantino, Colombia

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